Sculpture Forces of Nature III Sculpture Forces of Nature III

Sculpture Forces of Nature III
2020 - In progress
Fundición Artística Vilà

The Force of Nature III sculpture is part of a series by the Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn. This particular piece has larger dimensions than the previous ones, reaching a height of 9m, plus the pedestal on which it rests, and approximately 13.5m horizontally, with a strongly offset gravitational load (approximately 10.5m from shoulders to end) and high demands on wind efforts.

The 9m in height practically doubles the dimensions of the antecedents, however, the stresses do not grow linearly, but rather cubically, following the quadratic-cubic law that Galileo enunciated. This has therefore increased Windmill's challenge, which was to absorb these efforts without altering the geometry of the sculpture and the slenderness that characterizes it, with special care on the wrists and ankles of the same, where large stresses are concentrated in small sections.