Industrial wharehouse in Benissanet (Tarragona)
NUA Arquitectures

The architectural project, work of NUA Arquitectures (www.nuaarquitectures.com), resolves the formation of an industrial character building within the urban nucleus of Benissanet (Tarragona). To do so, a sawtooth roof is proposed that proposes slopes and surfaces of the aforementioned urban enclave. In addition, the light roof, is topped with plastic panels that simulate an Arabic roof tile, as was required by the local regulations.

Although the building is slightlyy trapezoidal, it can be said that the roof covers a space (without pillars) of about 20 by 30 meters. A set of trusses or lattices were proposed, in which the diagonal braces are materialized by means of reduced diameter bars, in counterpoint with the rest of the elements that are formed by HEB type profiles.

The surface discontinuity of the roof, caused by the aforementioned sawtooth formation, has led to a detailed study of how to balance the lateral buckling of the upper truss cord by observing groups of triangulations that help define the architectural proposal itself, being a visible structure.

Perhaps it should also be noted that, in a localized manner, a partially suspended attic was formed from one of the trusses.