Forces of Nature in Shanghai Forces of Nature in Shanghai

Forces of Nature in Shanghai
Fundición Artística Vilà

"The Force of Nature", is a series of sculptures designed by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn representing Mother Nature. In the model in question, dimensions are around 5 meters high (without pedestal) and 6 meters of horizontal overhang.

The sculpture shows a female figure which appears to be in a clearly unbalanced position, against the effect of gravity. The woman holds a globe, away from her body, with slender ribbons. Unless the effect of centripetal force is exploited, an effect which the sculpture cannot benefit from due to its inert elements, the globe seems doomed to fall to the ground.

The great challenge of the project is precisely to solve this clear imbalance between the large overhang of 6 meters and the fineness of the elements that support it (arms and tapes), without losing its characteristic slenderness.

Furthermore, it has been necessary to consider effects of fatigue. Wind actions which the sculpture may be exposed to, among others, and dynamic harmonic actions which involve solving problems associated with fatigue.