Rehabilitation and refurbishment of the Abbey in Senan (Tarragona)

Rehabilitation and refurbishment of the Abbey in Senan (Tarragona)
Diputació de Tarragona

This project involves the Abbey of the rural town of Senan, located in the Conca de Barberà of Tarragona and dating from 1880.

Windmill carried out the renovation project and structural reform of the Abbey for a new multifunctional use: Hostel, home for the managers of the hostel and auditorium for public use.

The project included the intervention in the masonry walls in order to replace the existing slabs, which were in poor condition, for new ones, always maintaining the original spirit of the Abbey.

An aspect which deserves special mention is the replacing of the existing roof with a new one consisting of two wooden beams of variable section that come to a point at the ends and a subsystem of wooden beams resting upon them.

We should also mention the delicate operation that represents the emptying of the internal structural walls on the ground floor in order to create an open space due to the condition of some of the contention elements.