Cover of the original tiered seating of the roman circus in Tarragona
NAM Arquitectura

  The project, located in the area of ??the Roman circus that is in the Plaza Sedassos, is a structure configured to cover part of the archaeological remains that are in the north of the same. The purpose has been to generate a suspended stand on the remains of the ancient grandstand of the Roman circus. On the one hand allows to recover the original function of the stand, using the square Sedassos as a scene of diverse representations, in addition to allowing the visit of the existing remains.

Windmill's mission has been to calculate the structure by means of a 5 mm thick folded corten steel sheet that forms the profile of the ancient Roman walls. The walls will be rebuilt with factory work placed on a geotextile to preserve at all times the integrity of the monument.

It is worth noting the effort made in the design of the structure to promote its compatibility with the original architectural idea. The different structural elements, such as the rigidizers of the platforms, have been used to form the railing elements and create a rhythm that acts as a module of architecture. As far as possible, support has been avoided in the pre-existence with the idea of ??not interfering with the existing patrimony. In addition, a detailed study of the vibrations of the steel folded sheet has been carried out.